11 Simple Ways to Soothe a Fussy Baby

You’re rocking, swaying and shushing away. And nothing. Nada. Nope, your baby just isn’t having it. You’ve been there yourself — C-R-A-N-K-Y! While you can knock back a glass of pinot and suddenly your day seems much brighter, your newborn can hardly do the same. No mom should ever expect her baby to be 100 percent fuss-free; even the absolutely, positively very best babies have their diva moments. When your newborn goes from cute to crank, check out these totally simple ways to soothe your fussy baby.

1. Do a holder switch-a-roo. It’s been 45 minutes of cradling your cranky kiddo. You’re swaying, bopping and ducking, weaving back and forth and acting like a human rocking chair. But, she’s still crying. The more she cries, the more frustrated you get.

Kids who go to bed by 8pm 'less likely' to become overweight

                                  Photo: Getty Images
We all know that sleep is important. But a new study from the US suggests that sleep – or rather bedtime – is even more significant than we thought. Researchers from the Ohio State University found that children aged three to five who consistently went to bed before 8pm were less likely to be obese as teenagers.
Conversely, they found that delaying a child's bedtime until 9pm or later doubles their chance of becoming obese.